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These crocheted soap saver bags are an ingenious way of prolonging the life of your soap bars. Using your bars up until the bitter end has never been easier! Soap saver bags double as a light exfoliator and are a great way to control slippery bars in the shower.

They all come with the hanging loop, that serves to hold the soap in as well as hang to dry, a handle on the back and a soft exfoliating front. We can tell you from experience these soap savers are easy to clean, machine washable, and will last for years. The size is to fit our largest goat milk bar but it will hold all our other soap bars as well. Colors may vary be sure to call, email or text if you want a specific color, we will gladly craft one up for you!  

Soap Saver

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Your order will ship within three to five business days. We ship through USPS and shipping cost is determined by the weight of the order and destination at the time of check out.

  • For best care, squeeze out the excess water and hang to dry your saver and soap. 

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