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Scented and colored with food grade maple and vanilla, this is a mild smelling goat milk soap. For those that are sensitive to fragrance or coloring, this ones for you! 


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  • Queen Goat Soap uses 4, that's right, FOUR simple ingredients to make the "Basic" recipe of this luxurious soap your skin is sure to love.

    In each bar you'll find farm fresh goat milk, hand collected by us from our "retired" dairy goat Lil' Mama, Organic Coconut Oil, 100% Pure Canola Oil and the magic that binds it all, Lye. Lye also known as sodium hydroxide is what makes soap...soap! Once this process occurs and the soap has "cured" the lye is GONE from the soap leaving behind all the good stuff to cleanse your skin gently, naturally and effectively.

    For the soap with color and scent we use food grade ingredients like pumpkin spice and cinnamon and we also use natural micas for color, as well as soap fragrance and essential oils. Be sure to see the ingredients of each particular bar if you suffer from sensitivities.

    If you love truly natural, limited ingredients, Queen Goat Soap is the soap for you!

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